Transportation: 25704 Epenwöhrden, Németország > Miskolc, 3529 Magyarország

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Make a freight offer, you do not need a subscription. If a successful deal is reached, the Freight Exchange will 5% or 10% ( with subscription 0%) request a fee from the carrier service provider. If no agreement is reached there is no charge.

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Freight Offer Details

Date of create
2018-11-13 11:12:39
Freight category
Small Parcel Shipping
1 piece(s)
45 kg
A rakomány mérete
length: 50 cm
width: 50 cm
height: 80 cm
a teljes méret
Rakodási infó
a rakodást megoldják a helyszínen
Load date interval
2018.11.13 - 2018-12-12
Unload date interval
2018.11.13 - 2018.12.31
Targeted fee (e.g. in EUR)
80 EUR
DE 25704 Epenwöhrden, Németország
HU Miskolc, 3529 Magyarország
Attention! automatically calculated based on the Google Maps is not always credible value!
1476 km

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